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Hello internets. So, yes, I realise have not posted anything for a few weeks – but in my defence, I have been on holidays. That covers December. As for the rest of November, I dunno, I got lazy and nothing exciting was happening, or I was busy, or locusts or lightning or a giant spider with a death-ray on its head!

So anyway, now that I’m back I can tell you that my holiday was awesome. We (the missus and I) went to Tahiti and Bora Bora for a week. To say it was just like the postcards would be accurate. Apart from the rain. Apparently we went there during the wet season. It was pouring when we arrived and it was pouring when we left with showers all in between. Mostly at night which was awesome and we did get a couple idyllic blue-sky-and-sun-with-fluffy-clouds days which was even more awesome. Plenty of photos and videos to last a lifetime. Thoroughly relaxed and all that. Now I’m back at work. Woo. It’s me and one other site admin, everyone else is on holidays (with one guy being the exception as he is still on call thankfully).

So, gaming. Finished Tales from the Borderlands twice in the one night (might have been in the wee hours of the morning), really enjoyed it, even if it was a quite a departure from my normal modus operandi (RPG, MMORPG, Strategy). I would say wait until there is a sale and try it for yourself. Remember, it is episodic, so there are future updates in the works.

What else…ahh yes, the giant white behemoth in the room that is comprised purely of crack and lore, WoW. WoD has been out for a while and I am quite deep into it. Half my alts are now in Draneor and have their garrison up and running – well, enough to get their professions rolling along anyway. My death knight finally did his anniversary Molten Core run last week. Got my mount, got my helm and didn’t get my pet. God forbid it have a decent drop rate. Scrolled through the massive loot text when we killed Rags (40 people is quite a lot) and only TWO of those 40 got the pet. Stingy, stingy Rags. Don’t have time for another run, so I’ll probably just end up paying some overpriced auction house shark for the pet to quench my un-quenchable inner collector/completionist/achievement whore.

Oh yes, and my missus has finally unpacked the last of her stuff and is now officially all moved in. We are both loving it so far. Won’t bore you with the lovey-dovey crap, but we are a great couple. : D

Till next week (or maybe Friday) internets. Adios!


So, back in April of 2012, I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine. I couldn’t help but make a comic out of it! Now, two and a bit years later, Blizzard has eerily made my crazed ramblings a reality. Presenting: Pepe! All the things are indeed awesome. Apart from that, I have finally been able to get a chance to play WoD on Monday night, after 4 days of failed attempts to log in (Blizzard has given everyone 5 days free game time to make up of the crappy launch – kudos to them!). It is pretty freaking awesome, I gotta say. Even though my garrison is fledgling, I already feel like it is my garrison and when the NPC’s salute me and say ‘Commander’ as I ride/walk/run past, it feels good. No, I am not getting drunk on power just yet, although I did have a drinking contest at a friend’s garrison. I won. Twelve foot tall tauren usually win most things.

So, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. When I saw the character DLC will be Jack’s Doppelganger, I let out a little fanboi squeal of delight. Since I started playing Borderlands 2, Handsome Jack was my favourite character and with all the game time he got in The Pre-Sequel, I was in heaven. Only problem is, the Doppelganger DLC came out just before WoD and Tales from the Borderlands comes out soon (in fact I think it’s today even!) aaaand Far Cry 4 comes out soon too (though to be honest, I’ll wait till I get a Xbox One – which won’t be for a while), so trying to fit it all in is crazy. WoD takes precedence as I only have 7 days of game time left, may as well use what I got.

In other matters, this weekend is going to be busy. Friday, we’re (the girlfriend and I) going to drive-in movies to see the new Hunger Games and then Saturday is the office Xmas party (couples welcome!) and then Sunday is the big Head Office Family Day at the new Wet ‘n’ Wild in Blacktown. Gunna be busy and awesome.

Stay classy internets!   : )

So I may have missed a post last week, my bad. I got no excuse other than not much happened. I ended up resubbing for WoW, just for a month, to get the two new Hallow’s End pets. Got them both and did the WoD prelaunch event. Didn’t get the bronze whelp yet, but I will trying farming it a bit more later on this week(end). In other news, I am now playing Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. I think I already said this, but I can’t remember. Enjoying it quite a lot. Gives a lot of insight to [Handsome] Jack. He was always my favourite character in Borderlands 2, I regret having to kill him to finish the game. I’d like to think he and my Mechromancer would have more fun getting together and designing a giant awesome robot of death. Anyway, to make up for last week’s postlessness, here is what my day was like yesterday, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.


7:58 – I get into work and I’m the only one here, score! It’s peaceful and quiet and…then the annoying office mole that smells funny comes in and ruins it. So much for that. Good morning she says, what the fuck is good about a Monday morning where I have to work? Nothing, that’s what.

8:05 – Manager gets to work and doesn’t turn on the radio on. I am actually surprised. Start to have my breakfast and read the news, followed by Good read as usual.

8:18 – Manager turns on the radio. Feel like stabbing him and putting the radio in the microwave.   -___-

9:02 – Left to walk down to Pre-Delivery to setup their phone. Turns out this replacement phone is bung too. Have to get the replacement phone replaced.

10:14 – Retreating to the coolness of the comms room. Hot outside and they reckon it is going to get up to 36 (that’s Celsius, not that Fahrenheit crap)! Mmmm, so nice and cold in here.

11:33 – Back at my desk, doing some misc odds and ends. Mostly reading websites that look work legit.

11:56 – Went to lunch, got a nice chicken schnitzel roll. Yum. Did my shopping for my weekly dinners. Went home for the rest of my lunch.

2:13 – Left home and went to a nearby site to fix a phone. Then back to my desk. Very windy, they reckon up to 90km/h (none of that miles crap)! Dang!

3:06 – Back in the comms room, reading my book and playing Plants vs Zombies 2. Gawd I hate Surfboard Zombie.   >.<

4:10 – Installed a new monitor for one of the admin ladies. She’s old and doesn’t use the actual resolution, but one several lower, apparently because of her eyes. She supposed to wear glasses but doesn’t. Goes against my every IT fiber to set the resolution at something that is not optimal. Terrible, terrible look.

4:30 – Finally go home! Couldn’t come any quicker, I say. I leave the office so fast, I like to imagine that there is just a dust outline of me when people look over, like in the old Looney Tunes shows.


T-t-t-t-that’s all, folks!

I am sick. Yet I still came to work. I am really regretting that decision now. Some kinda virus or something. Headache, sore throat, shakes, the usual crapness associated with being sick. Thankfully, I’ve never been to Africa, so I know it’s not Ebola. Whew. On the upside, it’s a work BBQ today, so free lunch! Too bad I’m sick and I’ll hardly eat anything. Actually, come to think of it, that’s a bit of a downer. Darn.

So, I had totally forgotten Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel came out a few days ago – and here I was still playing D3! Tsk, tsk. I downloaded it overnight yesterday, so it’s ready for me to play this afternoon. That said, I’m probably going to go home and crawl into bed, so yeah.

Well, my head is spinning again, so I’m gunna go and sulk away and find someplace to crawl into and sleep. Have a good weekend on my behalf internets!

Well internets, not much to talk about this week. Still chugging along with D3, nearly at Paragon 100 for my seasonal crusader (not too shabby considering how little I play him and how late I started in the season) and got some nice drops that will be used on my main when the season ends and everything rolls over. Been doing more greater rifts lately with my mate from Queensland (when he can get on, that is). Still trying to find a BoP or CR, because one is awesome for my build and the other looks mega awesome.

That’s kinda it really. Damn. At least tomorrow is Friday, right? TFFIFFF and all that. Weather has been pretty stupid lately, sunny, cloudy, hot, cold. There was a blood moon last night, a product of a special lunar eclipse, but because of the friggin cloud cover, I could not see a damn thing. Pissed me off. Well anyway, I’ll try and think of something to post tomorrow. Maybe something hilarious and/or comical will happen to me tomorrow. You never know.

Ciao for now.

So, last night, I logged onto WoW to do my weekly Sunwell run on my pally to get him the rest of that awesome golden Sunwell plate gear (only the gloves, helm and shoulders to go). My pally is not the best geared alt and he barely scrapes by on dps to down Brutallus (which, really, is the only boss that is troublesome in Sunwell, the rest are easy). So, I asked a friend of mine if she wanted to come with me, as I know she likes running of stuff and transmog, plus, I haven’t run anything with her in a while, so it’d be a win win win. I told her I had 3 drops on reserve, the rest are free, she said that was fine. Her boyfriend and a guildmate of theirs also came along, the more the merrier (and quicker). The problem was, I had already killed the first boss the night before, which meant I was locked to Sunwell. I told them that and they said no worries, they’ll kill the first boss too. I said, no, it won’t work like that, I have to invite you to my group (as she had invited me to hers). But alas, they did not listen. By the time I had gotten there, they had already killed the first boss on their save, meaning they could not enter my group nor could I enter theirs as we now each had separate saves. Swearing a curse to myself, I politely told them that if they wanted to join me on alts, they were most welcome. They got themselves and eventually we got underway and blitzed through the raid. We got to the final boss, Kil’jaeden and killed him easy enough. I had my fingers crossed for my helm to drop, but instead, we all got quite a shock when, yes, none other than Thoridal, the legendary bow dropped. After a minute of shocked silence, I simply typed ‘oh, shit’. For you see, the guildmate who had joined us, had originally joined us on his hunter. He was now on his alt death knight. Yep, I’ll let that sink in. But hey, on the positive side, I got my shoulders!   : D    Moral of the story, listen to me, I know what the fuck I’m talking about.


Anyhoo, it’s Friday, it’s the afternoon and I got mini M&M mini muffins waiting for me when I get home! Have a great weekend internets.   : )

Well internets, it is Tuesday and what a fine and glorious day it is today! [end sarcasm] So, apparently, having (or growing) a moustache in any other month apart from November is a serious crime and opens you up to ridicule from all parties. Seriously, if one more person asks me if I’m getting ready for Movember or tells me it’s the wrong months, I will fucking full on headbutt them. Right in the face. Yes, it is September, yes, November is two months away. No, I am not growing a moustache for Movember, because it is bloody September. No I am not getting ready for Movember. If I were getting ready for Movember, it would probably be the end of October and I would be shaving, not growing. Jebes Christ people, grow some fucking brain cells. One dumbass today asked me if I was misinformed about what month it was. Obviously, trying to be a smart-arse about Movember and the fact that I have a moustache. I told her politely that it was September. And next month was October! I then walked away before I lost self control and swore profusely at them. Oh, and if one more person tells me I have a porn mo’, I will inflict violence upon them so that they can never have kids. I. DO. NOT. HAVE. A. PORN. MOUSTACHE. 70’s porn stars had porn mo’s. Freddy Mercury had a porn mo. I have a moustache that is a cross between Snidely Whiplash and your old school circus Strongman. Very, very different. Sometimes I really hate the human race. I wish I was an eagle. Or a crocodile. Or a dinosaur! Dinosaurs are awesome!  : D

In other news, I have been playing the shit out of Diablo 3 again. The new patch, 2.1, and all the included stuff with it, Greater Rifts, the Treasure Vault, etc, has rekindled by passion for D3 – even with all the RNG on top of RNG with some RNG on the side and a sprinkling of RNG. That said, seeing those green and orange beans light up my screen brings a feeling of excitement. Sometimes, when I’m alone and in town, I drop a legendary on the ground just to see that orange beam and hear that ‘zing’ sound. After farming for several days, I finally managed to kill a treasure goblin who opened a portal to Greed’s Domain. Oh boy did I love it! So much gold! So much detail! So much atmosphere! So much gold! Did I mention all the gold? The tileset is extremely well done, with the background having little goblins running around, dumping treasure and hopping in and out of portals, stealing gold. And the music! Oh, what beautiful music it was. A type of circus sideshow organ cross haunting merry-go-round theme that fit brilliantly. Long short of it is, it’s fantastic, well worth the grind and I would love to get there again, even if it is just only to sit there and listen to the music.   : P

Also, I’m deciding whether or not to buy a virtual ticket for this year’s Blizzcon. Truth be told, I’ll probably end up doing it, but the in-game goodies don’t quite tickle my fancy as much this year. The D3 transmoggable weapons – i swear someone mixed up the crusader and barbarian ones. Giving the barb a big fuck off hammer and the crusader a primal looking jaw and tooth mace? Seems to me it should be the other way around.

Well anyway internets, back to the daily slog. Maybe I can make it to the end of the make, maybe I’ll end up in gaol for assault, who knows?   >.>

I want to quit my job, I really do. I’ll be honest, I won’t be climbing up the ladder, there is no ladder, it’s just a stool with one step. Maybe two steps if you really push it. So yeah, no advancing there. The pay is mediocre and the shite I have to deal with varies at time; from tools and douche bags to full blown assholes and mouth-breathers that don’t know what a button is (seriously, you press it to turn the PC on, ain’t rocket science). On the upsides, it is close to home, so no long drives and occasionally I can have lunch at home. The hours are not too bad, Mon-Fri and pretty much business hours and a fair whack of time I spend amusing myself. The guys I do work with a awesome and we get along pretty damn well. So, in short, dead end job . Why don’t I just quit? Would if I could – trust me! I could give my notice then never look back…but…bills need to be paid and mortgages need to be pacified. I need another job to go to before I leave this one. That’s the hitch – I have no idea what I want to do, just as long as it’s not IT, or perhaps IT with less people interaction, eg, not helpdesk.   -____-

Sure, there is a good sized puddle of self pity that I am standing in, but who doesn’t get that from time to time. All around my pity puddle is green grass that I occasionally jump onto from time to time. Change the metaphorical gumboots (or wellingtons/galoshes, depending on where you live) and feel the grass underneath my bare feet. That aside, I do feel a little daunted by the job market these days where you need experience to get experience which is a conundrum on its own. Or a little bit of paper that states you’re not a dumbass and should be employed by the employer. So much bullcrap these days. Oh, to be young again and waltz into a place and declare your willingness to be employed and have a job handed to you. Probably a slight rose-tinted layer on my nostalgia glasses, but I don’t think anyone will care.

Anyway internets, with that done, I am back playing D3 and enjoying leveling my new seasonal crusader. Loot 2.1 is working nicely for me so far and I have had quite a few legendaries drop for me so far. The changes are good and I fully intend to play my crusader until the season end.

Have fun and ciao for now.   : )

Morning internets. Nay, Good morning internets. Nay, Fantastic morning internets! I know, you’re thinking, what on earth has made you so happy on a bloody Monday? Well, it’s not because it’s a Monday that I’m so happy (trust me, it ain’t), no that’s not it. It’s because on Saturday night, I did the most satisfying thing I have ever done in my many years of playing World of Warcraft. I finally got my green fel fire on my warlock! Wooooooooo!!! Let me avail you of the tale of my journey.

Twas a quiet Saturday night, the woman of the house was at dinner and I was alone with my PC. I had learnt that in 6.0 the title ‘of the Black Harvest’ would not be around for warlocks post patch, only obtainable by those that did it pre 6.0. Tis true this spurned me on, that and a friend’s similar quest for emerald embers. I got my drums and potions and food and flew to the Black Temple to begin in earnest. The adventure had begun. Upon the third hour of attempts, I was frustrated to say the least. Let me elaborate in haiku:


My lock died again,

I punch my chair really hard,

Now my knuckle hurts.


So you can see that an intermission was certainly in order. I get up and walk away from the PC, get myself some dinner and watch some funny youtube videos. My humours and now in check and I feel confident to continue the quest. After gathering up some more potions, food and other knick-knacks, I resumed the quest for the coveted fel flame. I knew that if I could just get past the 2nd felhunter phase, it would be in the proverbial bag. The phases are exactly the same and yet the second one is the one that I always end up floundering on. But I pressed on, ever determined to get past it and my prize at the end.

After another death by [insert either dots, chaos bolt, felhunter or pit lord death here], I once again, repaired at my trusty rusty anvil (I love that lil fella), at my food, popped my potions and got ready for another fight. 1st imps, done, 1st felhunters, done, doom lord, done, 2nd imps…done, 2nd felhunters…holy shit DONE! 2nd doom lord…done! Then, in my excitement, tragedy strikes! Managing to get past the 2nd felhunters puts me into a state of euphoria and I stop paying attention to my health…and I die. But…as with many death before, I have learnt that the silly pit lord will stick around and the fight will not let me release to rez until I dismiss him. But this, oh ho ho, this it is different, Ebonlocke is so close to death, I tell my pit lord to press the attack, finish him off! More felflame! He’s casting Cataclysm? Charge him then MOAR felflame! What is this? He is defeated?! It cannot be! Impossible! But it is done! The scripted event plays out before my broken corpse on the ground. I release and run back over, eager to see that it was not just a deluded dream of my fevered mind. Tis the truth! I have done it! THE GREEN FIRE IS MINE!!!

And thus, the adventure was at an end and the land was once again in balance and all was right with the world…of warcraft.     >.>


p.s. there may have been several victory laps of me running around the house like a soccer player cheering and hollering.

Good afternoon internets! And what a good day it is too! So much blue sky and the sun is out and shining and it’s so warm. Walking down to get my lunch at the little cafe down the road was so pleasant, what with all the rain and overcast weather we have had lately, it’s like Spring is finally here. On my way down I also saw two little baby birds (basically balls of fluff with legs) being escorted around by their parents, they were so cute, I had to take a photo and send it to my girlfriend. Needless to say, she loved it. It was a good offset to the crap morning I’ve had, which basically started as soon as I sat down at my desk when I got to work. Anyways.

So, I am now the (finally) proud owner of one super cool orange axe! I am sah happee! Big shout out to my rogue friend who came along every week to ICC to help me duo the raid and get my shadowfrost shards. He did Jaina’s Locket out of it, so there’s that.   : P     Actually, that’s pretty much the entirely of my post (apart from the super hippie happy section above). Yay for me I have a second orange now (well, a REAL orange, I feel like I have really earned it, Sulfuras, eh, you kill a dude a few times, make a hammer, combine, done. Not so satisfying), and still working on that bloody Thun…I’m not going to say it. Then no one can say ‘did someone say…’ Sorry, old WoW joke.   >.>

Have fun peoples, enjoy your weekend!